Wholenss is the opposite of depersonalization, derealization and dissociation

Wholeness means all together, not excluding any parts, and the sum of body (or bodies), mind and spirit, connected to other human beings, animals and the rest of nature, the whole web of life. Wholeness can be experienced in the now.

We want and need wholeness, we crave it, but we cannot own it. We cannot be whole inside ourselves, you are whole in relation to others and nature.

We also desire love. Rumi said something very useful about that.

When you start with therapy, this requires action, doing, changing, removing. This action is also a bit of a trap, a pitfall.

How much acceptance is there with all this doing?
Acceptance is a prerequisite for change.

With ACT-therapy, we can address the fighting.

Removing the barriers and preparing (in the first phase of therapy). The barriers come from the desire to control things, which comes from the (insecure) ego, which tries to impose its rules and tries to apply its recipes to everything.   Life is not a problem to be solved. After removing the barriers, you need to engage with life and trust life again. You cannot do trust, you have to surrender to trusting. You cannot achieve wholeness, you have to surrender to it.

We see and emphasize that life is a journey with a destination you can never reach. Maybe we had better regard life to be a game.

Allan Watts clearly said


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