Treatment Depersonalization, Derealization and Dissociation

Treatment depersonalization, derealization and dissociation

Effective therapy – Treatment for Depersonalisation, Derealization and dissociation

The treatment and training I offer for DP/DR has proven to be effective. Time and again, and this is no coincidence, I've specialized in treating DP/DR.
Seeing as I had these issues myself, I have gone through every step of every phase, from the trying ineffective therapies, to trying to cure and master every step of every phase of healing DP/DR.
As a therapist, I spent many years trying to be as pragmatic as possible: you don't want to understand your issue, you want to feel a measurable reduction of symptoms. You want to get as comprehensive a result as  possible, and you want your improvement to be as enduring and stable as possible. This means I learned all sorts of therapies and intervention techniques, (and meditation types) discarded most, and kept a few. In my approach, I use an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework, not the standard CBT framework. This is imperative, because CBT lacks essential information about acceptance (have you noticed how much you can fight the Depersonalization?).

I'm a registered trauma therapist, and processing trauma is or can be an essential part of an effective approach in Phase One. In this first phase,  I also resolve hyperventilation, panic attacks and anxieties. At certain moments I may draw on information from Radical Wholness. I like to use Self Help techniques because they make you self-reliant and empower you. The more self-reliant you are, the less you need me for every step. Over the years I have gathered all sorts of useful therapies and components, and I offer them to you.

General approach Depersonalization, derealization and dissociation

Three Phases of recovery

Phase 1. Preparation.
Removing panic attacks
Removing trauma
Removing fears.

Phase 2. Merging.
Merging mind and body, integration and grounding.
Dealing with HSP.
Strengthening parts

Phase 3. From Control to surrendering to life.
Regaining Trusting in yourself
Engaging life

We will use different therapies and intervention techniques and homework exercises per phase.


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One on One Therapy

The nature of the therapy

Therapy happens in an ACT-therapy framework. I'm not primarily focused on analyzing but instead on accepting, processing and removing. That means we don't spend a lot of time talking. We will use parts of  ACT, like defusion exercises to remove dysfunctional convictions and anxieties, use exercises from trauma-therapy for trauma, foundational information about how depersonalization can be cured, techniques that will make you self-reliant and independent, often from ACT, sometimes from EFT. The therapy focuses on working systematically with a roadmap, and making sure you feel the changes, and making sure that improvements are permanent. We will use different homework exercises per phase.

Self Help – DIY

Once the phases or healing DP/DR were clear to me, and I proceeded to treat 12-18 people every week for DP/DR, and different processes and  steps needed started to crystalize more and more, I realized that some people may want to do this on their own, or, at least part of it. I decided to make a series of videos about all the steps for healing from DP/DR. This became a Self Help Course which I offer.

Is the Self-Help Course- Curing Your DP/DR Step by Step for you?

Myths about depersonalization

1. Depersonalization cannot be cured. This is false, it happens every week in my practice.
2. Every psychologist/therapist can help you to cure DP/DR. False. Most have barely heard of DP/DR, have no clue how it works,  don't know why just treating a trauma does not cure DP/DR. General psychologists just talk, and that does not remove your issues.
3. You need to learn to live with it. False. It can be cured, and any therapist of doctor who utters this should be ashamed of themselves.
4. I've tried everything and nothing works. This too is false. You may have had lots of negative experiences with therapists, I've had those experiences too. It just means you need to be more critical of who you employ to do this work with you.
5. You need to take medication. Medication is superfluous, can even make the issue worse.

There are lots of places on the internet where you find horror stories. People who have successfully cured their issues will not place their stories there.

Myths about therapy
1. Every psychologist/therapist can help you to cure DP/DR. False. Most have barely heard of DP/DR, have no clue how it works,  don't know why just treating a trauma does not cure DP/DR. General psychologists just talk, and that does not remove your issues.
2. Therapy is difficult and very heavy. False. The intensity can be regulated by an experienced therapist.
3. Therapy takes forever. False, and shows you there is no plan/roadmap.
4. Therapy means talking. False, therapy is accepting, living through an issue, and letting it go.
5. It is unclear how long therapy takes. False, this indicates the absence of knowledge about the roadmap and phases of healing.

What do I need from you for effective therapy?

Taking responsibility for yourself, your issues, your past.
Being really honest with yourself.
Willingness to self-reflect.
Willing to dive into painful past.
Willingness to change.
Willingness to do homework

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