Register as a Client

Procedure - Sign up for therapy

If you would like to receive therapy and training from me to cure DP/DR this is the process.

1. Call me (preferably) or send me an email. Please establish Whatsapp contact.


2. Please type you name and details on the Therapy Contract (word doc) then print it, sign it, scan it and send it back to me by email/ whatsapp.

3. Fill out the Short Intake Form. (word doc) Please email it to me.

4. Please install Skype on a PC/laptop, big screen is preferred. (Second option is Zoom, I can send you a Zoom link.) I like to use a chat-app (whatsapp or Telegram) next to the Webcam application.  My skype name is ben.meijer.werk

5. Set up an appointment by phone/whatsapp/email. I work in the AMSTERDAM time zone. Let me know where you are from/what time zone you live in.

6. You need to pay the PayPal bill before the session, I will send you the bill as a a money request.

7. After the session, you will get homework.