Depersonalization and Derealization Disorder
Depersonalization and derealization disorder

How much has DP/DR cost you? How much has DP/DR limited you? How much do you suffer? How much pleasure has it removed?

You want to get rid of it, and that is possible.


What does it cost? 

My expertise comes at a price.
1 consultation - 1 hour: 114.95 euros, VAT included.
1 Skype consultation - 1 hour : 114.95 euro, VAT included.

The first consultation is both an intake and a tryout, it also takes one hour, sometimes I run a little longer, up to 75 minutes. After that, every session takes one hour.

Reimbursement by insurance companies.
I don't have contract with reinsurance companies outside of the Netherlands.
I am registered with my professional association of therapists NIBIG, of course, I am insured as a therapist. I've been a therapist since 2003.

Expectations: you can expect to get a huge improvement in removing all manner of anxiety in 1-4 sessions.  You can expect that it will take between 6 and 16 sessions to get 80-100% cure for the DP/DR.

Do you want to cure your Depersonalization and Derealization?
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