Website Feedback and quality of treatment.

If you find typos or language errros, please let me know. I love this kind of feedback.

As a NIBIG registered therapist, I have pledged to provide the highest quality possible. Moreover, as a person, I have spent many years learning about forms of therapies, and this also includes countless hours of dealing with my personal issues, supervision, and consultations with mental health professionals.

This emphasis on quality happens to include Continuing Education (CE), Intervision,  and a system of dealing with feedback and complaints.

If it happens that you have feedback or you are in any way not satisfied or have a complaint about the treatment, please feel free to say so immediately, or call me afterwards (0031-6-16015727), or message me. Expectations should be addressed as quickly as possible, and misunderstandings do occur and are always unfortunate. Don be afraid to voice a complaint, as every complaint is also feedback and an opportunity for growth.

If you wish to send your feedback/complaint by email, in the email please write

The complaint.
When this happened.
How you have experienced this.
As many details and facts as possible.
My email address is depersonalization.treatment AT gmail. com

In the event we cannot resolve our differences in a satisfactory manner, I am a registered therapist with the NIBIG, and they deal with official complaints according to the law in the Netherlands.

They will only accept a written complaint.