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Life Rules – Precepts
Sometimes I get questions about life rule, especially life rules that other therapists and doctors have concocted for dealing with DP/DR.

The basis idea about precepts/life rules is: If i just follow these rules, I will be safe and nothing bad will happen to me. What do you think about this idea of rules?

Firstly – My basic attitude is a very pragmatic one. I don’t intend on making long lists of do’s and don’ts. My advice: temporarily avoid that which worsens, until, after a few sessions, when you have become stronger, then stop avoiding challenges.
Pragmatic also means common sense. Never use recreational (hallucinogen, weed, XTC, ketamine, etc) drugs. They cannot be dosed and you are abusing your body and mind. Alcohol is not a universal problem, can be dosed, so no hard and fast rules. When you have removed the fears, normal moderate alcohol can be quite OK.
Coffee, coke and other caffeine containing drinks can worsen anxiety.

But on a deeper level, it is really important to realize that there is no authority outside yourself that can tell you if something is good for you or not. The authority is in your heart. Your heart is your compass. Ask yourself what your conscience says. How does it make you feel?
A very important concept for DP/DR is following the compass in you heart regarding what is good or not. Trusting yourself, not any authority outside yourself.

New experience from clients who have recovered.
Two new experience on my website, can be found on the client experience page.

Very telling is the experience of M, a psychologist. As a psychologist, she knew that she had DP/DR, and she had a network of fellow psychologists. In spite of that, she told me she had already been in therapy for 10 years with a diverse bunch of psychologists/psychotherapists…and theses did not have the necessary knowledge to help her effectively!!!  There is no pill to sell, that we know of. Treating DP/DR is not taught at universities or colleges. Isn’t that painful? Thank God she is cured. Want to read more?
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