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Is DP/DR a brain disease?

Is DP/DR a brain disease?

According to the Germ Theory, there has to be some kind of pathogen, like a virus or a bacterium for there to be a disease. Can pathogens cause any kind of mental disorders or syndromes? Your immune system should take care of most pathogens. After they enter your body, there is also an additional barrier before anything can get into your brain: the blood brain barrier. Does this mean it is impossible for any pathogen to ever affect your brain?
Germ Theory and terrain theory

You can get a sore throat from some bacteria (streptococcus bacteria can cause Strep throat) and viruses (if you have a viral infection in your throat, NO Antibiotics can cure your viral sore throat!).
So, it is uncommon for pathogens to cause mental disorders. However, here are a few of the RARE exceptions.

Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Strep (PANDAS) has been known to exist 1998. This means that a streptococcus bacteria can cause infection in the brain and cause OCD symptoms, sensory issues, eating issues, Tics, and more. Some bacterial infections gone rogue may sometimes be the cause of OCD symptoms.

Although viral infections of the CNS can cause meningitis and encephalitis, this does not occur often.

Lymes disease is caused by borrelia burgdorferi, this is a spirochete, but its often just called a bacteria.  There is a form where this enters the brain. In about 15 percent of cases, Lyme disease affects the central nervous system. When it does, it is known as neurologic Lyme disease. [1] Also referred to as Neuroborreliosis. Unfortunately, Ive seen Neuro-Lyme cause DP/DR a few times. The spirochete is very good at hiding between tissues in the human body.

A particular form of syphilis, the sexually transmitted disease (STD) can enter the brain and cause mental and emotional issues. This is called neurosyphilis. Symptoms can include dementia, mania, psychosis and depression. Syphilis can also seem to hide and disappear in the human body, and then come back.

Please note you cannot have a depression from syphilis without some of the other more common symptoms.


Do I think DP/DR is a brain disease? No.
DP/DR is a mental/emotional reaction to threat. See more information about the causes of DP/DR here.