Symptoms Derealization

The strange and unreal feeling caused by derealization makes the world around you feel unreal. Derealization is one of the three facets of a depersonalization and derealization disorder. The other two facets are depersonalization and dissociation.

The world and people are fake
People are artificial.
The world seems two dimensional.
There is mist between me and the world.
I live in a glass dome.
I cannot wake from the dream.
Out of focus.
Feeling alienated from the environment

Derealization is an uncomfortable, bad feeling, like there is something wrong. Somehow, in a strange way, something does not feel right. It is disorienting, like you feel a bit of vertigo. You feel like you are blown away and upset. There is a uncomfortable and strange feeling, almost like you have a hard time waking from a dream,  sometimes it just looks smokey or misty. Sometimes it sounds like sounds are off in a distance. You feel like a robot or a puppet. All of a sudden, you family doesn't seem to be your family. You don't recognize your house, you see the familiar house, but it does not feel like your house. You have brain fog and trouble concentrating. Ruminating and trouble sleeping.

As it does seem real, why bother?

There are almost always also some symptoms of depersonalization.
Who am I
Disconnected from myself.
My body is not my own.


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Anxiety and more

Derealization is very unsettling, frightening. Feeling your foundation crumble as you loose your footing in reality, most people develop a lot of anxiety and even panic.
Yes, anxiety is a core part of DP/DR.
Quite a few people feel so powerless they also get depressed. This is a secondary depression.