Symptoms Depersonalization

The strange feeling or unreal feeling caused by depersonalization makes that your own self feels strange, unreal and non-existant. Depersonalization is one of the three facets of DP/DR. The other two facets are derealization and dissociation.

Symptoms of Depersonalization:

Not yourself.
Not recognizing yourself in the mirror.
Having lost yourself.
Not knowing who you are.
My thoughts are not mine

Feeling like a robot.
Being on autopilot.
This body does not seem like mine.
Feeling outside of yourself, like an external observer.
Feeling absent.

Fear of losing your mind, going crazy.
Fear something may be seriously wrong in your brain, like fear of having a tumor.

Depersonalization can also come with distortion of physical senses, for instance vision being out of focus, sounds being far off, and  strange time sensation.

Depersonalization can come with a distorted sense of time and size.

Depersonalization gives a nasty feeling in your body.

Depersonalization can lead to a strange philosophizing about the nature of reality, an almost metaphysical existential thinking.

Depersonalization can lead to obsessive behavior, seems OCD like, often repeatedly trying to understand, to connect, to figure DP/DR out, trying to fix it mentally.

Problems falling asleep, and ruminating.

Depersonalization often comes together with  having some derealization, there is always some overlap.

People are unreal. Relationships feel unreal or fake.
It seems like a show.
The world feels unreal. Something feels off.
Everything somehow feels dead or artificial.
You seem to be living in a dream you cannot wake up from
It is like being behind glass, you cannot reach or touch the real world.

Depersonalization also comes with dissociation there is always some overlap.

A large distance from your feelings.
You know you have feelings, you just don't seem to be able to feel them.
You cannot feel your feelings any more, you feel numb.
Suppressing feelings and emotions.
Feeling flat, things don't seem to get through.
Emotions don't touch you. You feel emotionally cold.
Emotional Flatlining, no joy, no emotions  (= Anhedonia)
Stuck in your head. Lots of thinking.
No concentration. Brain fog.
Feeling like you cannot think.
Feeling not grounded, not in your body.
Feeling an outsider.
Since it does not touch you, what does it matter? Why engage?


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Depersonalisation face clay not real


Depersonalization - not recognizing oneself in the mirror
Depersonalization - not recognizing oneself in the mirror