Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Multiple Identity Disorder

Definition – Recognizing DID.

When there are holes in your memory, in the sense that you lose time, and other people tell you that you were at a different location you don’t remember, and you wake up in clothes you don’t remember putting on, you don’t know how you got there …….
Then often we are dealing with dissociative identity disorder, often referred to as multiple identity disorder.

Often there is a loss of connection between therapist and client when treating trauma. You fall away.
Often there is confusion about identity.
There is often different identities know as alters.
Sometimes there is talk of voices in you head.

There is a whole spectrum of dissociative symptoms, and on the deep end is DID.

Although I did treat people with DID successfully, that is a very intensive process, and it is not my goal to treat people to cure any more. It requires treating the traumas in all the alters.

Please refer to Ralph Allison’s website http://dissociation.com/