Weed and Derealization

Weed as a cause of depersonalization and derealization disorder

The number one cause of DP/DR is weed.

In about 75 percent of the clients I treat for DP/DR the cause is in cannabis. Sometimes in combination with other recreational drugs which can also cause DP/DR on their own: XTC, ketamine, LSD and other hallucinogens.

Cannabis: weed, hash and space cake. Normal soft drugs right? We live in modern society where weed is legal in several European countries like The Netherlands, and in several of the states of the US. If weed is legal, it should be safe, right?
Well, bad trips from weed do exist.
People getting into psychosis from weed has been reported, but less reported is getting depersonalization and derealization from weed. As far as I can tell, getting DP/DR is FAR more common.

How is it possible to get Derealization from weed?

We can speculate about the high THC content, but we just don't really know. A bad trip causes a very scary experience, and yo cannot control the experience, you cannot turn it off. I consider this to be a


The effect of the bad trip, the derealization, the panic and fear don't usually last very long, sometimes 4-6 hours. Some people get stuck in that strange state we call DP/DR after the panic and fear disappear.

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You haven’t landed weeks after a bad trip?

If you feel you are still in a bad trip 30 days after, or 3 months after a bad trip, you have Depersonalization and Derealization disorder.

Do you still feel
Spaced out?
Not landed?
Not back?
Not out of it?
Like you haven't woken up?

The chances that this DP/DR is going away by itself are slim. I advise you to seek therapy to cure your DP/DR.

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“I cannot get out of my bad trip”

Most people complain: I cannot get out of my bad trip. I still feel spaced out, brain fog, not back yet. I got stuck in the trip. It remains vague, unreal. I feel strange. When people then start to google, they reach the conclusion that they have Depersonalization or more likely Derealization.



Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD)

Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) -
A number of symptoms affecting the visual sense. Flash backs, visual snow, floaters, glow around someone, after effects, etc.

Often comes along with frequent usage of recreational drugs, comes along with Depersonalization and Derealization.  HPPD can also exist without DP/DR. Of course you can get fearful from the HPPD and this fear can strengthen the fear of DP/DR.