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Derealisatie Verstoord Studie

Looking for help is sign of strength

It takes courage to show your vulnerable side. When you admit to yourself that you have an issue, shame can be quite threshold to overcome before you share this with others. Of course talking about your issues is important. But venting it is not the same as talking about it with a therapist who can actually help you to remove your issues, help you to remove those obstacles.

A lot of people assume that going for professional help is going to help you cure your DP/DR. Unfortunately, the world of therapy is much like the world of medicine, where you have general practitioners (GPs) and specialists in tons of different medical fields. You don’t ask an oncologist about psoriasis, and neither do you expect your neurosurgeon to know about gall stones or kidney dialysis. You don’t expect every medical professional to be able to explain how specific chemistry of how AIDS medicines are made, nor how to perform a postmortem.

Ask for a specialist, demand a specialist, your chances of success are like the above other medical professionals, with one difference. In medicine professionals will quickly admit it is not their field and refer you. For some reason, that does not happen yet within the field of professional mental health.