Anhedonia means inability to have joy, (cannot laugh, cannot cry) often seen as not having emotions, also referred to as emotional flat-lining. People talk about being dead inside. There are no positive and no negative emotions.

Anhedonia is mostly described as a core symptom of depression. Treating anhedonia, as a symptom of depression, occurs when the depression is treated.

Anhedonia also exists separate from depression. It can be the result of recreational drug use, extreme stress, psychological trauma and dissociation resulting from trauma. Anhedonia can also happen after having been physically extremely ill, natural disasters, war, or having a car accident.

Anhedonia is also a core symptom of psychosis and schizophrenia. In my experience, it is survival mechanism.

Anhedonia is often incorrectly seen as the result of depression. When there is no depression, the anhedonia is not result of depression. Often doctors and psychologists try to treat anhedonia by treating for depression (anti depressants and cognitive behavior psychotherapy). Experience shows this treatment to not be effective for relieving anhedonia.

Treating anhedonia through the treatment of DP/DR/Dissociation does work in curing it.

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