Relief from Depersonalization through Therapy

Curing Depersonalization, Derealization and Dissociation

Therapy for Depersonalization.

Curing Depersonalization, derealization and dissociation

You suffer from depersonalization, derealization or dissociation. This causes extreme anxiety. You experience yourself as not real, non existent (depersonalization). You experience the world as not real (derealization), or you experience a distance between yourself and your feelings, body, or the world. (dissociation) You fear this strange feeling will stay forever.  The impact on your work life or personal life is so large, it impairs normal function (and pleasure in being).  You really want to cure this issue, and you can!

This website is devoted to resolving DP/DR. It offers background information, information about direct and indirect causes to give you insight, as well as discussing what works in curing DP/DR, and gives both tips, a blog and client experience stories.

Curing Depersonalization

Feeling estrangement towards yourself. Somehow you don't seem to be yourself, you feel very off. Disorientation, almost like you are out of place or lost. Feeling out of focus, almost dreamlike. You feel like you are not yourself, sometimes people say outside of yourself. When you feel you cannot wake up from a dream, it is still hazy. Like you cannot shake a hangover. You feel like a robot, there is an unreal character to it. Quite a few people describe they don't recognize themselves in the mirror. This comes with extreme anxiety, often powerlessness and depression as well.

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Curing Derealization

The world looks unREAL, the very definition of deREALization. The estrangement is directed at the world, which somehow seems fake, or 2-D, as if there is no depth to it. There is a disorientation, like not waking up from a dream. Some talk about a glass or mist or brain fog preventing you from touching the real world. The mist does not dissolve. People feel fake, and you cannot seem to connect to them, like a puppet show. This comes with extreme anxiety, often panic attacks, sometimes depression.

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Resolving Dissociation

You feel a distance between yourself and your feelings. This is also called flat-lining, having no emotion, being emotionless. You notice that others seem to be feelings and emotion and are acting normally, but you seem unable to join them. The feelings seem distanced and don't get to you, don't affect you. You look at them from a strange distance. You feel emotional flattening. Your body seems lifeless, and it may seem all pointless as you seem to be like a robot. Dissociation means not connected.


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